1. patriciacasten asked: i like your travel photos!!

    Thanks Patricia! 

  2. This lamp, named ‘The Paperclip’, was designed by an RMIT student, Rebecca Crooke.
    Here are some studio shots I took of it. 

  3. first trial of night photography.

    I took this just before the new year. I was staying with some very close family friends on the Murray River, which divides Victoria and New South Wales, and also reaches into a third state: South Australia.
    It was a peaceful, clear night, and I was excited to have only a very little moon, that hadn’t yet risen, so ensure it was dark enough to capture the stars.
    The brightest ‘star’, reflected in the water, is actually a planet. 

    Hopefully I will master the technique eventually. 

  4. Went to Rye, in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. It was a nice weekend, and the weather was pretty kind (a bit chilly at night).
    I stayed with Steve’s family, right on the beach in their caravan. A short walk away was a lookout, which we walked to at the end of the day for golden hour. Its a pretty peaceful place.  

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  5. This series, called CANVAS, is something I really enjoyed doing.
    The final series uses tight crops of the face to draw in the viewer to observe textures and colours as well as the shape and form of the face.

    The series itself uses unique and out of place substances and items on the human face to challenge the ideas of changing ones appearance for the sake of beauty, expression and individuality. The term ‘the face is a canvas’ has inspired this collection of images.

    I aim to expand on this series over time. 

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  6. I ignore this blog quite a lot.
    I’m going to try and make more of an effort to make this more ‘blog-like’,  with more extensive captions and stories behind my images. Perhaps some inspiration, behind the scenes, and sketches. 

  7. I was experimenting the other day with a 27.5mm extension tube with my 50mm lens. The extension tube creates a longer distance between the lens and the sensor, allowing the camera to get closer to the subjects (effectively creating a macro lens).
    I am going to experiment with this a little more today (and with a tripod too). Its beautiful and sunny outside in Victoria today, so I’m going to go exploring now, will post some more later. 

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  8. Trip to Cairns, November 2013

    I travelled to Queensland, Australia in the middle of November with my boyfriend Steve. After cold weeks in Melbourne, the warm weather was welcomed, despite the clouds and a few storms. It was lovely.

    We spend four nights on the Gold Coast, QLD, where we spent most of our time re-living our childhood going to theme parks. We swam with the Dolphins (Steve’s birthday present to me), which was an amazing experience to see the loving creatures up close, and observe (underwater) the tricks they do in their daily shows.

    These photos are all from the Great Barrier Reef off Cairns. They are taken from two separate days. One day we went to Green Island, sailing with a small tour group on a yacht. 
    The second trip was on a much bigger boat, and we spent around four hours snorkelling in the water, seeing so much beauty. 

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  9. Great Barrier Reef, Cairn’s, Australia

    Steve and I were snorkelling in the last hour or so. We, particularly Steve, had a strong hope to be lucky enough so see a wild turtle on our adventures.
    Somehow, we split up, and I remember thinking “I really want to see a turtle, but I really want Steve to see a turtle more than me’. Immediately after thinking this, I look up a little and see, what I remember being a silhouette, of this adorable turtle. I was so excited I think my memory faded a little, but I looked around for Steve, with the dilemma of finding Steve or taking photos. It was swimming away from the main swimming area, and heading underneath the rope (we were restricted to a roped area). 
    I loved that at one point it used one flipper to swim, as if it were waving goodbye. Unfortunately we never found another turtle. But I am certain we will be heading back to the reef in the next few years. 

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  10. Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Australia.

    This is Steve, I was taking photos of him in the Great Barrier Reef when he found himself in a huge school of tiny fish. I think this is my favourite shot of him from that day. I loved these little fish. One movement and the whole school of fish jolted into another direction, flashing highlights of silver sunlight reflecting off their scales.  

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  11. Was asked to shoot this range of sleepwear, and spent quite a bit of time on the post production of these. Eventually, I stopped working on them and waited for the client to give me some sort of feedback. I never really found out what happened, or paid, or thanked, as the sleepwear didn’t seem to get released.
    Quite a pity, I guess I have two images out of it, which I am thankful for. They’re kinda cool.

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  12. high speed flash.

    I shot this using a laser timing device, so that when liquid cut through the laser, the flash would be triggered with a specific timing delay. 

    I used Schweppes Agrum for the liquid, and used it as a part of a mock advertisement for Agrum. The concept of the wine glass is to suggest sophistication of the Agrum line compared to other soft drinks (soda). 

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  13. Australia.

    I took two seperate images of the same scene, as I only had a 50mm lens on me at the time. This was taken down at Flinders on the Victorian Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. 
    They stitched together quite well, and depict it quite closely to how I remember it.
    Thats what I aim for when I take photos. Not to just take a photo, but to take it and record how I remember it. 
    My old camera, used on this day, seemed to desaturate all the colours. I adjusted the colouring to how I remember the scene, rich and vibrant and full of life. 

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  14. Paris, France at sunset
    (ignore the sensor dust)

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  15. Montmartre, Paris.

    On this particular day, it was mild and sunny. I took a morning walk amongst the isolated streets with the low angled sunlight.
    It was peaceful, and beautiful. This is taken in my street. I’m in love with shadows and angles and textures and tones, and monochrome style images. 
    I walked to the bakery, my favourite and the favourite of many I was staying with.
    On the way, I passed a woman on the streets with her dog. On the way back I tore off some bread and gave it to her. Sometimes its difficult being a tourist, and that dilemma of not having much money yourself but knowing you’re at least able to sleep in a bed, and feed yourself.

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